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When it comes to charity rebranding, campaigns, you want to stand out. You need to stand out. But in the right way.

The Help Agency is a charity marketing agency that can create powerful ideas for branding and campaigns for you and with you.

We work with 3rd sector and care organisations (mostly) because, like you, we want to make a difference.

We are experienced, keep and motivated to help with brand and identity development, digital and social communication, advertising, direct marketing, stakeholder and donor relationship management and legacy marketing campaigns.

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Results-focused branding, communications, design, digital campaigns for 3rd sector organisations, charities and care companies is something we have been doing for quite a time now. As a Charity marketing agency, it is our focus and where we feel we can make the biggest most positive difference in the world. You may instantly like our thinking and work… you may actually not. The most important thing is that meaningful dialogue takes place so that mutual understanding can really take place. Any agency trying to guess its way to a solution ‘someone will like’ is a waste of precious resource. And it is not needed. We feel we can only really find a powerful solution when we fully understand and even help define what effect can and is desired. This will ensure that YOU as a client get the best shot at getting the results in branding, design, campaigns, digital marketing or even offline design, print and advertising that you want and need.

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